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Response to Alan Hays’ statements in The Epoch Times article on 9/8/2022

What is going on in Lake County, Florida?

In a recent article printed in The Epoch Times1, Lake County Supervisor of Elections, Alan Hays, boldly admitted he not only had knowledge of voters’ addresses being changed in the voter registration database to nonexistent (that means “fake”) streets, but his office sent out new voter information cards and Vote-by-Mail (VBM) ballots to those same nonexistent (yes, “fake”) addresses.

And if that’s not enough to make you blink and shake your head, try swallowing this – some of those ballots showed up in the official county records as votes cast in the August Primary Election that Hays’ office then certified. (Wait… what??)

This raises major red flags regarding chain-of-custody and record-keeping in our VBM process.

Let’s back up a second… For those unfamiliar with the VBM process, here’s some background on the VBM process and the data discussed below. When a voter registers to vote, that data goes into a voter registration system (VRS). That’s the registry of all voters – aka “the voter rolls.” When one of those voters signs up to vote by mail, their data also gets added to a [second] Vote-by-Mail table, and they’ll appear on a VBM report (so they’re in two places – the VRS and the VBM report).

Now, back to The Epoch Times article…

Several election integrity citizens groups, working independently, had identified thousands of serious election integrity anomalies, which they presented to election officials for investigation and, hopefully, action.

Included in those findings were entire street listings of unsuspecting voters, whose Clermont, FL, addresses were all changed on the voter rolls to Red Belly Rd – a non-existent (yup, “fake”) street – in the summer of 2022, just prior to VBM ballots being mailed out for the August Primary. Then, just in time for the official results, they all were conveniently changed back to their true 12th Street address. This change could effectively conceal that those ballots were ever sent to a fictitious address. So, any votes cast using those ballots would falsely appear as if legitimate voters on 12th Street cast those ballots.

Additionally, new voter information cards with redistricting information had previously been mailed to these addresses – many of which bounced back as undeliverable and could eventually be destroyed.

Since the ballot envelopes with the fictitious address would be opened and discarded by the person who confiscated the ballot, and the voter rolls had been changed back to the original true address, it would be challenging to prove that this fictitious address had ever been used to re-route ballots to someone impersonating the true voter.

However, as if through Divine Intervention, one couple’s voter information cards arrived at their home, due to a friendly mail carrier, who had delivered mail on their route for 20+ years and knew the couples’ true address. The couple allowed us to photograph these cards as proof of the fictitious address.

Subsequent analysis of Lake County voting data obtained via public records requests (PRRs) confirmed that thousands of VBM ballots – clearly undeliverable due to faulty addresses – somehow appeared in the official records as cast votes.

So… Who cast those votes?

And… Why were VBM ballots mailed to voters whose voter information cards had already bounced back as undeliverable?

When contacted by The Epoch Times for comments, Hays said he was aware of the 12th Street incident and that “every change on the Lake County voter rolls was made by ‘authorized personnel, either directly employed by Lake County or contracted with it.’”2

In essence, Hays admits his office or a consultant hired by his office changed voters’ addresses to a fictitious address. This was done without the voters’ knowledge or consent. Consequently, those actions allowed VBM ballots to be mailed to a non-existent address; and then, according to official county records, Hays’ office accepted the votes cast from those missing ballots, and certified the election.

Furthermore, many of those voters confirmed during canvassing that they had never requested VBM ballots. So, how did they end up on the VBM report as having requested VBM ballots? Did someone else request them, or did someone with access to the voter rolls target certain voters, change their address to a nonexistent (“fake”) street, and add them to the VBM report to re-route and steal their ballots?

In The Epoch Times interview, Hays went on to say that the consultant, whom they employed to work on aligning their precincts with the newly drawn district lines, used the E-911 designation of Red Belly Rd instead of 12th Street.

Hays insists his office is not in violation of the law, and completely follows the letter of the law; however, there are three glaring holes in Hays’ statements:

  1. Greg Holcomb, director of public safety support and 911 coordinator for Lake County told the Epoch Times that 12th Street in Clermont has NEVER been named or referred to as Red Belly Rd;3 (Emphasis added.)
  2. The addresses, that Hays’ de facto authorization allowed his staff or consultant to change, appear to have been switched outside of the designated change period allowed by F.S. 98.065(4):

“A registration list maintenance program must be conducted by each supervisor, at a minimum, once each year and must be completed not later than 90 days before the date of any federal election. All list maintenance actions associated with each voter must be entered, tracked, and maintained in the statewide voter registration system.”4 (Emphasis added.)

  1. If Hays completely followed the letter of the law (i.e., F.S. 98.065(4)), it would not result in non-existent addresses being on the voter rolls, or voters being added to the VBM list without their request or consent, or thousands of VBM ballots being returned undeliverable, or worse yet, ending up in the wrong hands

Despite holding an office that exists to serve the people, Hays has a history of disparaging people, who question the accuracy of the voter rolls and the vulnerability of VBM ballots:

“Not one ballot has been mailed to any voter in Lake County who did not request that ballot,” Hays touted in a News 6 interview, as a rebuttal to the Republican Party of Lake County and Florida4America.org, who disputed his claims and said they had been contacted by at least ten voters who received a vote-by-mail ballot that they did not request.5

“It is time for those who are making the accusations, to either PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!” Hays growled in rebuttal to the Republican Party of Lake County’s claims about voter fraud in the 2020 election in Florida and Lake County.6,7

In typical Hays’ fashion, he rebukes rather than investigates the claims of concerned citizen groups and even his own party, who present valid concerns and simply want clean and fair elections. And no matter how many constituents, citizens groups, grassroots organizations, or political parties raise the issues and provide the proof, he ignores it, denies it, and, yet, continues to demand it.

Now he is caught in a contradiction for which he appears to be taking total blame, and wearing it as a badge of honor.

Still, Hays has a multitude of questions to answer:

Who added illegitimate VBM ballot requests to be mailed to the fictitious Red Belly Rd for both the Democrat and Republican Primaries?

Where did the Red Belly Rd VBM ballots go, how did they get into someone else’s hands, and how did they end up at Hays’ office in the vote count?

Why were addresses being changed on the voter rolls during an election period?

How did the offender, who changed the addresses, know exactly when to change them back in August, since no one mentioned a problem with Red Belly Rd until after we saw it changed back to 12th St?

Why were unsuspecting voters’ registration data changed without their knowledge or consent? The voters didn’t even realize their voter information cards said Red Belly Rd, until the canvassers asked to see the cards.

Why weren’t the voter rolls cleaned after 18,000+ voter information cards were returned undeliverable? Or, at the very least, why weren’t the Voter IDs flagged in the voter rolls and checked against returned VBM ballots prior to accepting and counting them as cast votes?

Why is Hays’ office not conducting the required registration list maintenance program, at least annually, in compliance with F.S. 98.065(4)? And if they are conducting the maintenance, why are the voter rolls in such a poor and erroneous condition?

Thus far, no known action has been taken by the election officials to whom evidence of election integrity anomalies was presented; and no known action has been taken by the Lake County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC), who – during their BoCC meeting held on September 13, 20228 – were handed photo evidence of the aforementioned couple holding their brand spanking new Red Belly Rd voter information cards issued by Hays’ office.

We have hundreds more just like Red Belly Rd that are on our list to canvass. Hope Hays can account for all the undeliverable ballots.





42022 Florida Statutes, http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0000-0099/0098/Sections/0098.065.html






Kris Jurski

Kris Jurski

Originally posted 2022-09-24 10:38:30.

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