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Earlier this week in Phoenix. Arizona, Tom Homan, former Director Of I.C.E. held a press conference with local Lawyers, Politicians, and members of The America Project to announce a lawsuit filing and a Writ of Mandamus.  Mr. Homan lists the reasons for the lawsuit as:

  1. Prevent the loss of life for migrants attempting to cross the border.
  2. Protection of landowners along the southern border.
  3. Halting the smuggling of the drug Fentanyl.


Many migrant women and children suffer abuse at the hands of the cartels while attempting to cross into The United States of America.  Once across the border they often find themselves attempting to cross the desert with little to no food and water.  These people believe they will make it into the U.S. without any problems at all, the lucky ones that do make it here without being killed or sold into slavery, are dropped off near the border and given directions, which include treks through the desert in blistering heat, with little to no water or food.  The desert is literally littered with the bones of people who didn’t make it across.  Sometimes, dying only miles from a town.  All of this is because there is a huge belief that our southern borders are super easy to cross.  The Biden administration has let it be known that the southern border is not only unimportant to them but that they want it unsecure!  They halted the building of the border wall on day one of their term.  They have decreased funding to the CBP.  They have shouted to the whole world that not only do they not care but that they want people to die attempting to illegally enter the United States of America!

When illegally crossing the border, these migrants are often desperate and willing to do anything to survive, unfortunately sometimes this includes the destruction of property, theft of vehicles, and sometimes murder.  The Biden administration does not care, they should be held accountable for every crime and death on the border.  By encouraging more migrants to attempt to cross the border, the Biden administration is complicit in the deaths of hopeful migrants and the crimes committed against the United States citizens that live on the border.


Anthony Stephens

Anthony Stephens

US Army Veteran.
Proud American.
Constitutional Conservative

Originally posted 2022-12-02 11:37:18.

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By Anthony Stephens

US Army Veteran. Proud American. Constitutional Conservative